Rural Electrification (136)

The project consists of supply and erection of 33kV and 11kV transmission and distribution lines; 33/11kV and 11/0.4 kV step-down transformers; 0.4 kV distribution lines;  and service connections to10,000 ( ten thousand) households. The project will also provide electricity service connections for the unelectrified public institutions and schools in the areas.

Activities of the Project.

-Electrification of 10,000 households.
- Supervision and management of electricity networks at Qacha's Nek, Qholaqhoe and Dilli - Dilli/ Sixondo.    -Assessment of performance on Rural Electrification Unit electrification projects to identify shortfalls and rectification measures.                                                                                                       
- Strengthing of institutional arrangements and reform Rural Electrification Unit (REU)  into Rural Electrification Agency (REA) in  order to improve efficiency of service delivery.