Muela Hydropower


The hydropower plant at ‘Muela, in the northern Botha-Bothe District, was constructed as part of Phase 1A of the LHWP. The major benefit now derived from ‘Muela Hydropower Station is that Lesotho generates her own electricity needs.

Technically, the station consists of the 60m x 1.30m x 15m underground power house cavern that accommodates three transformers, and three turbine generators rated at 24 Mega Watts (MW) each. The Station is fed water by the Katse Reservoir via a 45km-long concrete lined transfer tunnel measuring 4.35 metres in diameter.

The power generation process is affected via water that passes through the hydraulic turbines as the prime mover for the generators. Water is then discharged through the draft tubes and concrete lined connection tunnels into a 40 metres high downstream surge chamber and through 1.7km long tailrace tunnel into ‘Muela Reservoir