Conventional Energies

Conventional Energies Division comprises of Petroleum and Gas, and Electricity Units.

Objectives of the Division

-To ensure security of supply of petroleum and gas products, and high voltage electricity in the country

-Regulates petroleum and gas industry in the country and monitor the high voltage power generation plants. 

-Ensures that petroleum and gas products, and electricity are accessible throughout the country.

-To set and collects levies accruing  from petroleum and gas products.


Activities of the Division

-Monitors the engagement of local transporters of petroleum products.

-Inspects the petroleum product depots, gas depots, filling stations and illuminating paraffin tanks,

-Monitors petroleum and gas industry.

-Recommends the licensing of activities within the petroleum and gas industry. 

Targets of the Division

-Anticipates  that the Strategic Fuel Reserve Facility will be completed by 2025,

-The Ramarothole 30 MW solar power plant,  44km power line  from Ramarothole to Mofoka, and Mofoka switching station will be completed and connected to national grid in 2023.